Badetradition in Scoul Badetradition in Scoul

Bathing Tradition

in Scuol

Thanks to its unique mineral sources and healing baths, Scuol, Tarasp and Vulpera were some of the world’s best known spa towns even over 100 years ago. This reputation was based on 20 highly mineralised sources in Ftan, Tarasp, Scuol and Sent. Today, the region is a popular wellness destination thanks to its centuries-long tradition as a mineral water source and place of healing since 1369.

The Hotel Bellaval in Scuol is not only located in this wellness destination and traditional spa region, but also boasts its own generous in-house wellness oasis.

Recover from the stress of everyday life at the Engadine Bad Scuol

The ancient natural and cultural landscape offers all guests incomparable opportunities to relax far away from the stress of their hectic lives. When you visit the Engadine Bad Scuol with its gigantic pool and sauna landscape, or the Roman-Irish baths, all your stress hormones will simply wash away in next to no time, and you can enjoy a feeling of complete relaxation and wellbeing. The element of water has been used to heal for many centuries, and for good reason.

A healthy healing drink after a walking or biking tour

The highly mineralised water from the countless sources and springs in and around Scuol invites you to take a rest. Especially after a tiring bike ride or mountain exploration, these mineral water springs will refresh your whole body - as a drink and as a refreshing cold splash over your face and arms.