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Hiking in Scuol


Hiking in the Engadine means spending time in one of the most beautiful hiking areas in Switzerland and climbing small and large peaks. Because around Scuol there are hiking tours for all skill levels - here everyone reaches their personal summit victory, whether on a breathtaking sunrise hike or a panoramic tour lasting several hours.

Plenty of variety is guaranteed on 1,500 kilometers of hiking trails. The well-developed hiking trail network offers everything a hiker's heart desires, from trails suitable for baby carriages to high alpine terrain. Educational themed hiking trails ensure that even the little ones have fun walking.

With the free bus to the mountain paradise in Engadin

The mountain railroads of Scuol transport all guests comfortably and with a dreamlike view up to the Swiss mountain paradise, where one pauses in amazement before the summit panorama and lets nature take effect on oneself.

As a guest of the Hotel Bellaval in Scuol you can use all public transport in the entire Lower Engadine area FREE OF CHARGE. This means that individual hikes can be planned not only with the Motta-Naluns and Scuol-Ftan mountain railroads, but also with the Rhaetian Railway and the Postbus, regardless of fitness and time.
The best part? Mountain bikes and bicycles are also welcome on public transport!