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Sun skiing in Scuol


Fantastic conditions for sun skiing are offered by Scuol with its skiing area Motta-Naluns in spring. With pleasant temperatures, down jackets and thick gloves can be confidently left at home, because now the sun is chased!

On the terraces the sun-seekers settle down, who particularly enjoy the light and the warmth of the sun after the long winter. From there, the hustle and bustle on the slopes is observed, a fresh beer is enjoyed and winter vacation is lived at its best.

We at Hotel Bellaval in Scuol have some offers for this special time in spring that will make you shine too!

Stop for a break in the Engadine sunshine

When the sun is at its highest, it's time to unbuckle the skis in front of the hut and devote all your attention to absolute relaxation. After a delicious lunch at the Motta-Naluns ski resort , which ensures the energy and strength reserves for the afternoon on the slopes, it is best to rest in a deck chair with a cool drink. Do not forget the sunscreen, because up here on the mountain in the Engadine this has quite a lot of power.

Sun-drenched skiers will definitely get their money's worth in the Lower Engadine ski region and benefit from the extended ski season: Here, the perfect slopes will continue to glisten with the peaks covered in snow for a long time to come.