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Active vacation in the Swiss National Park


Pure nature as far as the eye can see in Switzerland's only national park.

Scuol is one of five communities located in the heart of the only Swiss National Park. This unique location opens up an incredible variety of activities in untouched nature for the guests of Hotel Bellaval: individual hikes, guided discovery tours through the breathtaking landscape of the national park, special family and children's excursions with presentations and observations of wild animals in their natural habitat.

untouched and pristine landscape

Pole of Tranquility Swiss National Park in the Engadine

Where can you still find untouched and pristine landscape today? In the Swiss National Park with us in the Engadine, this is a matter of course.

When hiking through the 80-kilometer network of hiking trails, peace and relaxation come automatically to all visitors to the Swiss National Park. Everything suddenly seems so simple, and with every step you get a little closer to your goal and happiness.

If you want to spend the night in the middle of the spectacular nature, you also have this possibility. Or you can visit the National Park Museum, where you can learn even more about fauna and flora and interesting facts about the park.

Fantastic natural spectacles in the middle of the Engadine Dolomites

In spring and autumn the Swiss National Park in Engadin shows its most beautiful side. When nature awakens to new life in spring and the last remnants of snow glisten in the warm rays of the sun, it is high time to get out your hiking boots again. Everything blossoms and sprouts, grows and flourishes: what an impressive spectacle to observe every year!

In autumn, when the cold, wet fog hangs in the valley, the drops of water on the tips of the grass glisten in the sun above on the mountain - not for nothing is autumn considered by hikers and mountaineers to be the most beautiful time of the year. Mild temperatures combined with the colorful play of leaves on the trees makes this season a special experience in nature.

The Hotel Bellaval in Scuol is the perfect starting point for your hikes and mountain tours. No matter if in spring, summer or autumn.