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Well-Guarded Treasures

the wine cellar

‘Life is too short to drink bad wine’ - even Goethe knew that.
Your host and wine lover Thomas Schulze puts this into practice at the Hotel Bellaval - and serves his guests especially selected wines to complement their Engadine culinary specialities. More than 260 fine wines await in the hotel’s own beautiful wine cellar, carefully selected and lovingly stored by the hotel’s director.

The wine cellar is a special jewel within the century-old walls of the Hotel Bellaval, and it’s used as an event venue for special occasions as well as a dining room. A typical Swiss raclette or fondue tastes twice as good in this room - and maybe your host will even let you have an exclusive wine tasting in the wine cellar…


Wine enjoyment
Hotel Bellaval's wine cellar is is a noble treasure trove that inspires. This cellar does not offer bad wine.