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Perfect Base

The Swiss national park

Scuol is one of five municipalities in the heart of Switzerland’s only national park. Its unique location means that guests at the Hotel Bellaval can enjoy an incredibly wide range of activities in untouched nature: unique walking tours, guided explorations through the breathtaking landscape of the national park, special trips for families and kids with talks and watching wildlife in their natural habitats.

Find peace as you walk amid protected nature

Where can you find an ancient untouched landscape nowadays? As you wander through the untouched flora and fauna along the 80 kilometres of hiking trails, all visitors to the Swiss national park automatically experience a feeling of peace and relaxation - exactly what you need on a holiday to get away from the stress of everyday life!


Breathtaking nature in spring and autumn

In spring and autumn, the Swiss national park really shows what it’s made of. As nature awakens in spring and the last of the snow glitters in the warm rays of the sun, everything is blooming and sprouting, growing and flourishing: what an impressive show, and you can see it every year!
In autumn, when cold fog hangs in the valley, the dew on the mountain grass almost outshines the sun - autumn is the most beautiful time of year for hiking and walking, and for good reason. Mild temperatures combined with the colourful interplay of the leaves on the trees make this season a special natural experience.