Snowboarden in Scuol Skifahren Scuol Winterurlaub in Scuol Snowboarden in Scuol

Glittering Snow and Mild Temperatures

Sunny skiing in Scuol

Scuol and its Motta-Naluns ski area offer the perfect conditions for skiing in springtime. You can leave your down-filled jacket and thick gloves at home as you chase the sun!

Stop by the sun terrace

When the sun is at its highest, it’s time to leave the skis in front of the lodge and switch to relaxation mode. After a delicious lunch to restore your energy for an afternoon on the slopes, you’d better sit back in your lounger and enjoy a cold drink. Sun-loving skiers will get their money’s worth in sunny Lower Engadine with its extended skiing season: the perfect slopes have long been outshining the snow-covered peaks.