Wandern in Scuol BellavalWandern in ScuolWandern in Scuol BellavalWandern in ScuolWandern in Scuol

Hiking and Walking

A real paradise

Varied hiking and walking in the Engadine region means spending time in one of the most beautiful hiking regions in Switzerland as you climb up to small and large peaks. There are walking routes for all levels all around Scuol - so anyone can experience their own personal achievement, whether it’s on a casual sunrise walk or a panoramic tour. With 1,500 kilometres to walk, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Unique walking programme with free use of public transport

The Scuol cableways can bring holidaymakers up to the Swiss mountain paradise in next to no time, where they can drink in the panoramic views and let nature do its magic. Guests at the Hotel Bellaval have free access to all public transport in the whole of Lower Engadine. You can come up with your own unique walking programme to reach your personal goals with the Motta-Naluns and Scuol-Ftan cableways as well as the Rhaetian railway and bus, without having to worry about road conditions.
Mountain bikers and cyclists also benefit from this: you can take your bike onto Swiss public transport free of charge.